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Visiting Ontario: Canada’s Land of 250,000 Lakes

When it comes to must-see travel destinations, Canada's central province of Ontario seldom warrants a mention. Contrary to popular belief, however, Ontario teems with exciting attractions, including world-class museums, cultural and historical sites, and rural locales of unrivaled scenic beauty. This website aims to draw attention to Ontario's oft-overlooked touristic potential. Here, would-be visitors to this incredible part of North America will find loads of valuable information on the best (and cheapest) ways to get there and what to do and see once they arrive.

Home to the Nation's Capital

An entire section of this site is actually devoted exclusively to Ottawa, the city that serves as Canada's national capital. Located in Ontario's southeastern corner near Quebec (and not too far from the US border), Ottawa is jam-packed with exciting sites and attractions. These include the National War Memorial, Christ Church Cathedral (built in 1872), and Canada's spectacular Museum of Nature, to name only a few.

Unparalleled Scenic Beauty

More than a million square kilometers in size (roughly 700,000 square miles), Ontario has much to offer the visitor outside the Ottawa city limits as well. This site provides comprehensive descriptions of all the province's most notable natural attractions, which include 250,000 lakes, the majestic Hudson Bay, and several national parks and nature preserves, not to mention the region's countless peaks and mountains. An ideal vacation spot for outdoor types, Ontario will never fail to enthrall visitors of all ages and backgrounds.