Tree Trimming Begins!
Written By: Monday, March 20th 2017

Greater Sudbury Hydro is set to begin their annual tree trimming around the city.

GSU crews will be out clearing any trees or branches that may be touching the power lines. This will help reduce the possible power outages that happen during severe wind and weather events.

“It takes about 4 years for us to work through our entire system,” said Mark Van De Rydt, Engineering Supervisor for Greater Sudbury Hydro. “We have approximately 1000 kilometers of power lines in our system, so we divide our service territory into sections, and focus on a couple of sections each year. We try to trim when trees are bare. Of course we do some spot trimming through the year as well, when necessary.”

The crews this spring will be focusing their attention on the north and south of Elm Street, West of Notre Dame Avenue and Paris Street, in the Gatchell/Downtown area and the Donovan area.

Van DeRydt says that there has to be 10 feet of clear space around primary power lines for the safety of everyone.

“Trees or branches that touch a power line can become energized…and that can be harmful, even fatal, to both people and pets.”