Safe Ride Home Sudbury Introduced
Written By: Thursday, August 10th 2017

A name change is coming to an important organization.

What used to be known as Operation Red Nose Sudbury, will now be a new organization by the name of Safe Ride Home Sudbury.

President, Lesli Green says, “when it’s a local group, we can meet the needs of the community because we live here. We are very excited about Safe Ride Home Sudbury, we’re are still going to be making sure that we are ensuring that Sudburians are getting home safely, and prevent impaired driving.” Green adds that in the coming months they will be launching a new website along with promoting the new brand.

Involved with the organization is Greater Sudbury Police, and Deputy Chief Al Lekun knows these programs help, but “what we’ve seen in the past year is a decrease in the number of impaired drivers, but we still have impaired driving and impaired driving charges being laid, so obviously we all need to do a better job in getting the message out.” Lekun says that citizens also have to do their part and make sure they make smart decisions.