Mailbag Monday
Written By: Thursday, March 15th 2018

Have a topic or question you need help with? Why not ask KICX Country!

Mailbag Monday give’s you that chance. Just submit your topic or question below and Trinette & Coop might select yours to send out to the community for discussion.

What can I ask for Mailbag Monday? Anything!
For example:
“I can’t seem to get my garden growing properly…Does KICX Country have any ideas of how I can get a better garden growing?”
“What time should my kids go to bed at night?”
“Where in Sudbury can I go to see beauty Fall colours?”
The topics and questions are endless!

Be sure to listen to KICX Country Mornings with Trinette & Coop to see if they select your Mailbag Monday request and then get the answers you need!

Mailbag Monday