Learn About Black Bears - TONIGHT!
Written By: Thursday, April 20th 2017

If you’d like to learn more about the Black Bear and what to do if you ever encounter one, be at tonight’s (April 20) presentation.

“Understanding the Black Bear”
St. Mary’s Ukranian Catholic Church Hall
Free parking at the church or at local meters (no charge after 6pm)

Video/slide presentation begins at 7:00pm

Speaker: Mike McIntosh, founder “Bear With Us Sanctuary & Rehabiilitation Centre” for bears in Sprucedale Ontario.

Mike works with rescued black bears every day of the year, some orphaned and others injured.

Find out:
What attracts bears
What to do encountering a bear on a hike/walk or in our residential areas
Who to call for help with bear

Everyone is welcome to attend tonight’s presentation.
Please encourage your family and friends to attend!