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KICX 91.7 Raises over $250,000 for the NEO Kids Foundation at Health Sciences North

KICX 91.7 is excited to announce the completion of the KICX for Kids Campaign (phase 2), raising over $250,000 for the NEO Kids Foundation.

Launched in 2014, the KICX for Kids campaign set out to renovate and expand the existing pediatric treatment room at Health Sciences North – building the coolest most kid friendly treatment room.

Thanks to the support from residents of the Greater City of Sudbury and surrounding areas for their continued support of the KICX for Kids Campaign. Yesterdays KICX for Kids Radiothon brings our campaign total to $262,513.

The Treatment Room is where a number of necessary but invasive procedures are performed on children who have been admitted to hospital. These procedures include lumbar (spinal) punctures, the insertion of catheters and intravenous (IV) lines, and the drawing of blood.

These procedures are not done in the patient’s individual rooms. The clinical team wants the patient rooms to be “procedure free” so they can remain a calming, “safe”

HSN’s existing Treatment Room is very clinical and can be intimidating in its look and feel for children. A medical exam table dominates the room. There is not enough space to comfortably accommodate patients, their family members, and treatment staff. Medical supplies and equipment are in full view. There are no distractions of any kind that patients can focus on to help calm them during medical procedures. 


Below are renderings of the future KICX for Kids Clubhouse


Background Info

Phase 1 of the KICX for Kids campaign  was launched in October of 2011 with a goal of raising $250,000 over five years for pediatric care at Health Sciences North/Horizon Santé-Nord (HSN).

The project identified for the first phase of KICX for Kids was the purchase of three new, state-of-the-art ventilators for HSN’s Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Ventilators help newborns breathe by moving air in and out of their lungs, when they are unable to breathe on their own.

The KICX for Kids campaign has succeeded beyond expectations. The full $250,000 was raised in less than three years.

As a result of this success, KICX 91.7  launched Phase 2 of KICX for Kids, to raise an additional $250,000, in partnership with HSN and the NeoKids Foundation

For more details, contact Scott Edwards or 705-671-7330



Country Artist George Canyon at the HSN existing Paediatric Treatment Room which will be replaced by the KICX for Kids Clubhouse.  (Below)

Mick Weaver with Dr. Sean Murray of NEO Kids

KICX Crew with Jess Moskaluke at Radiothon 2016 from the New Sudbury Centre

Below are shots from this years radiation at Health Sciences north

For more info, contact us at: or call 705-671-7330 ext 310.