Horror in Vegas
Written By: Monday, October 2nd 2017


ISIS is now claiming resposibility for the Las Vegas attacks.

They claim the gunman, Stephen Paddock was a “soldier of the Islamic state” and “converted to Islam several months ago.”

Law enforcement is looking into the connection between ISIS and the attack but are saying although ISIS has delivered the statement, they may have no involvement in the event and could be trying to use psychological warfare against the US.

At least two Canadians have been killed in the mass shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night.

CTV news has confirmed 28 year old Jessica Klymchuck from Alberta is among 58 people who died as well as 23 year old Jordan Mcildoon from BC.

At least 515 people were wounded when a gunman on the 32nd floor of a hotel room opened fire on a crowd below who were taking in a country music festival.

He then killed himself.

In Washington, President Donald Trump delivered a brief statement at the White House.

The shooter has been identified as a 64 year old Nevada resident…He was a retiree with no previous involvement with police, and investigators are struggling to come up with a motive.

Original Story:

At least 50 people have been killed in a mass shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas.  It appears a lone shooter opened fire from a popular resort hotel on the strip…. picking off people below… many of them attending an outdoor concert.

Police then got the lead they needed…

The shooter has been identified as a 64 year old Las Vegas native.  At this point, over 200 people are said to be injured as well.  Police believe there are no other shooters and have located a female companion of the shooter.