Home Invasion On Notre Dame
Written By: Thursday, February 16th 2017

Two people arrested and charged by Sudbury police after a home invasion on Notre Dame on Wednesday.

Police say the victim reported four men and one woman forced their way into the home, demanding money and drugs.

One of these people had a knife.

The 48 year victim handed over an undisclosed amount of money and the culprits also stole his cell phone.

The victim left the home while the thieves searched for drugs.

While the 48 year old man was making his getaway the group chased him down and assault him, cutting his ear.

Police have arrested a 36 year old woman and a 44 year old male, and charged them with Break, Enter and Robbery, Robbery with a weapon and the man was also charged with breach of probation.

All the individuals knew each other and police continue to investigate.