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Hey there!
I’m the tall, goofy blond guy at KICX 91.7, who most people refer to as “Coop.”
I’ve been working in radio since 2010!

Why radio? I love the community interaction, music, and yes, I love to talk!
Hometown? I grew up in beautiful Muskoka! (Huntsville)
Family Life? I’m married to the love of my life (Sarah) & we have 2 kids (Abigail & Jeremiah)
Pets? Just a “pleasantly plump” orange tabby cat named Elliot.
Favourite Dinner? Homemade burgers, caesar salad & fried/grilled potatoes
Hobbies? Cooking, playing/watching hockey, doing anything outdoors (camping, hiking, etc.) family/friends hangouts & Netflix!
Guilty Pleasure? Chips & ice cream!
Dislikes? Pickles, mustard, seafood, laziness, loud eaters & the Montreal Canadiens
Celebrity Look-Alike? Drew Carey
Secret Talent? I can beat-box & I can play the drums!

Other random facts:

-My family & I attend Lansing Baptist Church
-I’ve never broken a bone
-I do play-by-play for the Sudbury Wolves
-I can’t grow a beard
-I’ve never been ice-fishing
-All of my Dad’s family live in Holland

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