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five compelling reasons to advertise with us


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Large Audience

KICX 91.7 is Sudbury’s most listened to station in most key advertising demos.  These are loyal listeners you can’t reach anywhere else.  Country music is one of North America’s most popular genres, and it continues to grow.  The format attracts listeners of all ages.  We play new stars like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean, and established superstars like Reba, Tim McGraw and Keith Urban.



Community First

KICX 91.7 prides itself on being a strong community supporter of Greater Sudbury.  Our company’s values include making a difference.  To that end, we have helped several worthwhile charities and events.  The KICX for KIDS campaign is nearing it’s pledge target $250,000 to purchase neonatal ventilators for Health Science North’s Pediatrics department.  Our goal is to make a difference in our community.



Unduplicated Reach

Three of the four radio stations on the FM band in Greater Sudbury play variations of the same music – mainstream rock and pop.  In fact, several artists and songs are aired on all three stations.  This creates a tremendous amount of listener duplication and crossover.  Only KICX 91.7 offers a truly unique format with an unduplicated audience.  You can’t reach these listeners anywhere else.



Marketing Specialists

Our sales representatives are advertising experts.  In fact, we teach advertising to business owners, business groups and college students with our “Advertising 101” presentations.  Why does advertising seem to work for some businesses and not others?  Successful advertising always follows a logical series of steps.  Followed correctly, your advertising results will increase significantly – as will your sales.



Custom Solutions

Before any long-term campaigns is presented, our media consultants will take the time to lean about your business, your marketing environment and the challenges you face.  In fact, the first few meeting with us will focus almost exclusively on asking questions about your business.  We want to ensure that your campaign will be addressing specific marketing objectives.