Access2all Foundation Eliminating Barriers for Residents in Valley East
Written By: Wednesday, May 16th 2018

Thursday, Marc Serré MP for Nickel Belt was honoured to participate in the official launch of the Valley Community Ramp Project thanks to the Access2all Foundation, and its co-founders Dan Lebrun and Nadine Law.

Access2all is a not for profit community group based out of Greater Sudbury.

Their mission is to promote an inclusive community by opening doors and removing barriers.

They do this by donating custom built access ramps to businesses community wide.

“Our vision is to create a world that is barrier free. We believe every human has the inherent
right to access any space despite ability and without discrimination. Our mission is to eliminate
the barriers in our built environment by providing businesses and stores with a portable access
ramp.” said Dan Lebrun and Nadine Law, Access2all co-founders.