10 Tent Tips for the Camping Season!
Written By: Tuesday, May 29th 2018

It’s that wonderful time of year to enjoy the great outdoors, and go CAMPING!

Here’s the deal: Not everyone owns a trailer, and some of us are used to blowing up an air mattress, bringing along 5 different comforters, having a flashlight as the only source of light, and of course, watching the stars as we drift off to sleep.

Those are just a few of the MANY joys about camping with a TENT!

For years, I’ve only known how to camp in a TENT.

So, allow me to share my 10 Tent Tips:

1. ALWAYS Peg That Tent to the Ground.  (Nothing worse than leaving the campsite for the day, and coming back to find it rolled over!)

2. Have Tarps, and Lots of Them!  (Yes, a tent comes with the water-resistent fly, but from past experiences, they can never be trusted.  Make sure to drape a tarp OVER the fly, just in case you experience some torrential downpours)

3. Read the Instructions!  (If it’s a new tent, don’t be like ME, and assume you know what you’re doing…Especially if you’re tight for time.  Those instructions could save some time & headaches)

4. Bring a rug-patch! (Nothing worse than dirty ol’ shoes inside the tent!  The rug-patch is something for you to wipe your feet on BEFORE getting into the tent!)

5. Air That Tent Out! (It’s common knowledge that people shower LESS while camping.  During the day, open up the flaps and air that thing out…Assuming it’s proper weather to do so of course)

6. Keep the Critters Away! (I’ve learned in the past, that animals of all sizes have pretty good noses.  Don’t leave food in the tent!  That’s what your vehicle is for!  Nobody wants an unexpected cuddle from a raccoon)

7. Set up the Tent at Home First! (This is a great way to ensure there are no rips or holes)

8. Lay Down a Tarp! (This will not only keep the bottom of the tent clean, but it will prevent water from flowing beneath the tent!)

9. Make it a Team Effort! (It’s easier, more fun & the less time you spend setting up the tent, means the MORE time you can spend relaxing!)

10. Dry Out that Tent!  (Set it up when you get home from your camping trip.  If you don’t there could be some moisture inside the tent bag that you DON’T want just sitting there)